Studio Wildcard revealed today that the Ragnarok DLC update will be available for ARK: Survival Evolved on Switch February 7. As one of the largest ARK map updates ever created, Ragnarok will also be FREE to download for all Switch players that own ARK: Survival Evolved.

Journey through an expansive 144 square kilometer environment where elements from various biomes combine to form a completely new ARK survival experience. From mountain peaks and active volcanoes to winding caverns and secluded forest regions, ARK players will find plenty of exciting new locations to build their perfect homebase. Ragnarok also introduces a host of new unique creatures to fight and tame include Dire Polar Bears, Ice Wyverns, and mystical Griffons. Ragnarok is the first of six free DLC updates slated for the Switch version of ARK.

The massive Ragnarok map will be free to download for ARK: Survival Evolved on Switch on February 7. For the latest updates, join the ARK Survivor’s conversation on Discord, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, subscribe to us on YouTube, visit our website at and watch us tame ‘n train leviathan dinosaurs on Twitch.TV.

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