Valentine’s Day is known worldwide as a celebration of love and romance. In Japan, most people celebrate by giving their romantic partners and friends chocolate or other small gifts. Your Pikmin, too, will be able to celebrate in style with the new “Present Sticker” decor. Available starting tomorrow for a limited time only!

Date & Time: February 6th (Monday) 0:00 local time through February 26th (Sunday), 23:59 local time

Event Details

Try the special Valentine’s Day missions to get the “Present Sticker” gold seedlings.

Mission List:

  • Mission 1: Plant 2000 red colored flowers
  • Mission 2: Plant 3000 red colored flowers
  • Mission 3: Destroy 5 mushrooms
  • Mission 4: Plant 1500 red plum blossoms
  • Mission 5: Plant 2500 red plum blossoms
  • Mission 6. Destroy 5 mushrooms
  • Mission 7: Plant 2000 red camellias
  • Mission 8: Plant 2000 red poinsettias
  • Mission 9: Plant 2000 red cyclamen
  • Mission 10: Destroy 5 mushrooms
  • Mission 11: Plant 4000 red colored flowers
  • Mission 12: Plant 3000 red plum blossoms
  • Mission 13: Destroy 5 mushrooms
  • Mission 14: Plant 5000 red colored flowers
  • Mission 15: Plant 4000 red plum blossoms
  • Mission 16: Destroy 5 mushrooms
  • Mission 17: Plant 2500 red camellias
  • Mission 18: Plant 2500 red poinsettias
  • Mission 19: Plant 2500 red cyclamen
  • Mission 20: Destroy 5 mushrooms

The gold seedlings you can get by completing event missions will be purple, white, winged, and rock “present sticker” Decor Pikmin. Complete all 20 tasks to meet the 4 types of “Present Sticker” Decor Pikmin mentioned above.

If you participate in the Weekly Challenges, you will also receive gold seedlings. The gold seedlings you can obtain in the Weekly Challenges will be red, yellow, and blue “Present Sticker” Decor Pikmin. If you quit the challenge before it’s finished, you will not receive any gold seedlings.

Red mushrooms will grow more often than usual during the event period!

All postcards that your Pikmin find during the event period will have a Valentine’s Day design.

You can also get “Present Sticker” Decor Pikmin by inviting friends to play Pikmin Bloom. When your friend starts playing the game using your code, you will receive a gold seedling containing a red, yellow, blue, purple, white, winged, or rock “Present Sticker” Decor Pikmin.

There are seven types of “Present Sticker” Deco Pikmin in total: red, yellow, blue, purple, white, winged, and rock.

Valentine’s Day Gift Packs that can be sent to friends, and Limited Special Packs with useful goodies for the event, will be available in the store during the event period. (To make sure you receive the Valentine’s Day Gift Packs, please use app version v61 or later.)

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