The host of tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Live was Pedro Pascal, the actor you can currently see portraying Joel in HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us. The writers at Saturday Night Live used that show as a jumping point for a pre-recorded skit tonight, and it put one of gaming’s biggest characters in the spotlight.

The spoof, which you can see in its entirety above, shows off what a realistic, gritty approach to the Super Mario universe would be like. Obviously, the upcoming Mario movie is going to give us a truly cinematic Mushroom Kingdom experience that lines up perfectly with Nintendo’s vision, but SNL had some fun with a more real-world approach.

Oddly enough, the original Super Mario Bros. movie feels like the halfway point between Mario in games and this SNL skit! Who knew we’d see that sort of approach again!?

Thanks to Adam for the heads up!

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Yyyyyyyeah, Matt Mercer beat you to it by about a decade and a half...


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What do you mean? Beat who to what?

I think he's refering to this: