BATSUGUN Saturn Tribute Boosted announced for Switch

From arcades to Saturn, and now Switch!

06 February 2023
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Developer/Publisher City Connection has announced that they’re bringing BATSUGUN Saturn Tribute Boosted to the Switch, and it’s set to launch on May 25th, 2023 worldwide. In Japan, there will be both a standard and Special edition physical release, priced at 4,180 yen and 7,480 yen respectively. This release is a revamp of BATSUGUN, which originally released in arcades in 1993 and later on the Saturn.

You can see a complete breakdown of both BATSUGUN and BATSUGUN Saturn Tribute Boosted below.

■ About the Game


A Toaplan classic is back!

BATSUGUN is a vertical scrolling shooter arcade game released in 1993 by Toaplan. The game attracted attention for the large number of bullets shot by both enemies and allies. This led many games to adopt the same kind of play. BATSUGUN thus became the pioneer of the bullet hell genre. The “Special” version of the game was then released on home consoles. The Special version offers new features with a better sound.

Basic Rules

The player can choose between three types of aircraft. The goal is to destroy all approaching enemies with your shot and bombs.

By doing so, you can collect power-ups and experience points. When the experience gauge reaches a certain point, the player’s aircraft evolves and become more powerful.

There is no difference between the types of aircraft in terms of performance, but the aircraft changes between Player 1 and 2. Likewise, the dialogues and endings change according to the pilot you choose.

About “Original Ver.” Mode

This is the original arcade version of the game. The game consists of five stages with one ending.

About “Special Ver.” Mode

The “Special Ver.” mode is a revised mode of the game. The balance is better and various features have been added. The game repeats itself from stage 1 to stage 5 (14 stages total).


This title is the first installment of the new Saturn Tribute Boosted brand, which is a port and reproduction of the previous Saturn Tribute series using the Zebra engine, but with more new features and additional elements. The “Boost Up HUD” is a new user interface that displays the experience gauge, the current score (plus hidden bonuses), and the title of the background music currently playing. The game also features an online ranked mode and the maximum score has been increased for more challenges.

■ Story

The far reaches of a distant universe…There was a revolution on one of its planets.

The Gladebaran Revolutionary Army, which rebelled against the government, finally started Project Epsilon.”

In just nine days, the Revolutionary Army conquered all the government bases.

They will do anything to achieve their plan…

The government forces no longer had the strength to stand up to the Revolutionary Army.

“At this rate, we’ll all be slaughtered…?”

Just when everyone was about to lose hope, the government received an urgent message.

Coincidentally, one of the latest special fighters was still in the undersea base, undamaged from Project Epsilon.

This is the only way… The government chose the Skull Hornets group from the remaining troops and start their final operation to save the world.

But little did they know that the Revolutionary Army was listening to their conversation.

And so, the Skull Hornets group headed for the secret undersea base…followed by the Revolutionary Army.

A fierce battle for the fate of the world is about to begin…

■ Characters

TYPE-A: “Sky Mirage” Pilots

Jeeno Limrustedt

Age: 22

Height: 173cm (5’8″)

Blood Type: A

An Air Force pilot and member of the Skull Hornets. Hot-blooded, he joined the Air Force because of his yearning to fly. He was named young leader of the team after the death of the captain.

Romu Schneider

Age: 65

Height: 165cm (5’4″)

Blood Type: A

An Air Force pilot and member of the Skull Hornets. Hot-blooded, he joined the Air Force because of his yearning to fly. He was named young leader of the team after the death of the captain.

TYPE-B: “Dragon Whisper” Pilots

Beltiana Divine

Age: 21

Height: 160cm (5’2″)

Blood Type: B

Jeeno’s childhood friend and classmate. She joined the Air Force with him. She doesn’t act like a lady and is always harsh on others. She tries to change herself but being honest is hard. Her heart burns with anger since the day her little brother was killed by General Gladebaran.

Arteeno Trudy

Age: 18

Height: 154cm (5’05”)

Blood Type: O

The mechanic of the new aircraft. Assigned to an undersea base, she used to work happily with her female co-workers. She has a bright and pure personality and hates injustice, so when her happy workplace was destroyed, she felt nothing but anger and took Dragon’s Whisper to fight.

TYPE-C: “Judgment Flasher” Pilots

Iceman / Real Name Unknown

Age: 32

Height: Iceman/Real name unknown

Blood Type: AB

Born in a family of conglomerates, his health was so poor that he had to move to a villa in the suburbs. He was then kidnapped. The ship he was in met a terrible fate and the child was lost. He found himself on a no-man island and had to survive for 8 years alone. Eventually, he was found again by sailors. He embarked with them and finally return to his country. But without official papers proving his identity, he had no choice but to live in the slums. This poverty led him to become obsessed with money. This is why he enrolled in the Marines. The earnings didn’t satisfy him, so he became a businessman in a prestigious company. But this mundane, away-from-danger life didn’t satisfy him either. He finally came to the realization that being a mercenary would give him the money and the dangerous life he wants.

Olisis R. Gladebaran

Age: 20

Height: 178cm (5’83”)

Blood Type: AB

Deeply against his father, General Gladebaran, and his forceful methods, he gave up his rank and joined the Skull Hornets unit. He is a kind man but also a man with a strong desire to achieve his plan according to his beliefs. In this regard, he resembles a lot his father.

■ Music

Various artists from the 80s to 2020 and specialized in shooting games gathered to compose newly arranged music for the game! The result is a CD that represents the uniqueness of each composer! The CD is included in the Special physical edition so don’t miss it!

  • Shinji Hosoe – The music will be unveiled soon.
  • Yosuke Yasui – The music will be unveiled soon.
  • Hagane – The music will be unveiled soon.
  • Daisuke Matsumoto – The music will be unveiled soon.
  • WASi303 – The music will be unveiled soon.

■ Physical Editions

Standard Edition

In Japan, a standard edition will be available for PlayStation 4 and Switch for 4,180 yen.

Special Edition

In Japan, a Special Edition will be available for PlayStation 4 and Switch for 7,480 yen.

The Special Edition includes a music CD that contains a “special version” of the background as well as newly arranged music by game music composers Shinji Hosoe, Yosuke Yasui, Hagane, Daisuke Matsumoto, and WASi303. A special fan book supervised by TATSUJIN (Toaplan brand) is also included.

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