Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is getting updated to Version 14.0 tomorrow, which includes a slew of content through Title Update 4. Ahead of that release, we have the full patch notes for the update. You can dig through the complete rundown of details below.

New Story Elements

  • A new monster has been added and will appear in Gathering Hub quests.
  • New afflicted monsters and new Risen elder dragons have been added to the game.
  • New quests have been added.
  • The level cap for Anomaly Investigations has been raised.
  • A wider variety of monsters now appear on Anomaly Investigations.
  • New weapons, armor, layered equipment, and skills have been added.
  • Azure Star “Dragon Dance” and Azure Era “Soaring Dragon” have been added as layered weapons.
  • The level cap for armor upgrades has been raised.
  • New skills have been added to the pool of potential skills available during Qurious Armor Crafting.
  • You can now earn extra bonuses when expanding the Anomaly Slots on a weapon.
  • Two armor augment types have been added to Qurious Armor Crafting.
  • New prizes have been added to the Market’s lottery.
  • New trinkets and hanging scrolls have been added.
  • New items have been added for trade at the Anomaly Research Lab.
  • New System Elements
  • New “Hunter Loadout” feature added to the item box.
  • (To preserve the stability of the game data, this update will add 14 pages for the Hunter Loadout, with the next update expanding the number of pages to 28.)
  • New feature to enable/disable “Sale BGM” at the housekeeper.
  • New Guild Card titles have been added.
  • A new Badge of Heroes has been added.
  • Bug Fixes and Balance Adjustments


  • Fixed an issue where the player could attract Hellfireblight while inside a tent.
  • Fixed an issue where the icons for Switch Skill Swap and Felyne Fireworks would not be crossed out on the Action Bar if they were unavailable due to a status ailment.
  • Added extra mitigation measures for an issue preventing certain weapon sound effects from playing if a lot of sound effects occur simultaneously.
  • Fixed an issue where the effect of the Wind Mantle skill would be canceled when using an item with the sword & shield unsheathed while jumping off a platform.
  • Fixed an issue for the longsword where the follow-up attack of a successful counter within the area of effect of the Harvest Moon skill would occur somewhere else, if performed after landing a counterattack on a monster sometime before.
  • Fixed an issue for the gunlance causing the Bullet Barrage attack to activate even if you only have 1 active Wirebug available, if you combo from a Lunging Upthrust into a Quick Reload.
  • If a monster was marked by a Bullshroud or Grancathar Kinsect and the player performed a Kinsect Slash > Kinsect Glide > Kinsect Slash > Kinsect Glide, the hunter would not fly in the direction of the Kinsect mark during the second Kinsect Glide. This issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug occasionally causing two shots to be fired with a single button press when using the heavy bowgun’s Crouching Shot.
  • Fixed a bug causing a line to be displayed in the center of the red alert symbol around the heavy bowgun’s reticle gauge when it overheats during a Crouching Shot.
  • Fixed the percentage in the explanation text for the Lv 3 Spare Shot skill from 20% to 25%.
  • (The actual in-game percentage has not changed.)


  • Fixed an issue causing the Palamute Silkbinder to be displayed during the Rush Jet drift animation when your Palamute is wearing the Rush Costume.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the player from using Felyne Fireworks under specific circumstances in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue causing certain Buddy equipment to clip through the Argosy submarines that can be seen floating past from the Gathering Hub in Kamura.
  • Fixed an issue with some Buddy armor not displaying correctly.


  • Fixed an issue preventing a Follower from Wyvern Riding a mountable monster when the other Follower is performing the heavy bowgun’s Crouching Shot, or the light bowgun’s Mech Silkbind Shot.
  • Fixed an issue causing Followers to temporarily stop moving when trying to Wyvern Ride a monster that was forced into a mountable state by launching another monster into it.
  • Fixed an issue causing Followers to fail at launching a monster while Wyvern Riding, depending on the monster type and position.
  • Fixed an issue causing Utsushi’s voice line for getting hit by the player to play during the Quest Completed sequence.
  • Fixed an issue causing Followers to return to the combat area when the player is at camp, if one of the special weapons becomes usable during the fight against Ibushi or Narwa.
  • Followers will now be able to correctly dodge Chaotic Gore Magala’s backwards jump breath attack.
  • Followers will now be able to correctly dodge Apex Rathalos’s special attack.
  • Fixed an issue occasionally preventing Followers from initiate Wyvern Riding if the player brings them along on a quest with an Apex monster.
  • Fixed an issue occasionally causing Followers to go looking for a monster to ride but returning without riding a monster when fighting an afflicted monster.
  • Fixed an issue causing Followers to keep going up and down elevated areas when they start Wyvern Riding under specific circumstances.


  • Mitigated an issue occasionally causing Almudron to move up and down when knocked over on specific field geometry.
  • Fixed an issue occasionally preventing the effects for breaking Chaotic Gore Magala’s parts from being displayed correctly.
  • Fixed an issue occasionally preventing Risen Kushala Daora’s breath attack from activating properly.
  • Fixed an issue occasionally preventing the telegraph effect for Teostra’s Super Nova attack from being properly displayed when joining a Risen Teostra quest as a guest.
  • Fixed an issue occasionally causing the monster’s appearance to be different from its actual status when joining a Risen Teostra quest as a guest.
  • Fixed an issue occasionally causing the monsters to stop moving and disappear when Malzeno and Lunagaron are in a turf war.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the tail effect from being properly displayed during Scorned Magnamalo’s intro movie.
  • Fixed an issue preventing part of the carapace on Scorned Magnamalo’s right shoulder from being displayed properly.
  • Fixed an issue occasionally causing Violet Mizutsune to show unintentional behavior when it slides towards its target to attack it.
  • Fixed an issue causing the 8 eggs inside Narwa the Allmother’s thundersac to stay on screen even after they have exploded when Narwa is defeated.


  • Fixed an issue occasionally causing a monster or the terrain to disappear when moving the camera while launching the monster into a wall in area 9 of the Frost Islands.
  • In Ver.3.1.0, an issue was addressed that prevented the player from carving a severed tail if the tail overlapped with the fence switch in the Arena. This fix was not properly reflected in Ver.10.0.2 and onward, so it has been fixed again.

【Endemic Life】

  • Fixed an issue causing two Marionette Spiders to be consumed when one is attached to a monster and the player tries to pull it back at the exact same time that the monster changes areas, also resulting in the player not being able to pick up additional Marionette Spiders.
  • Fixed an issue occasionally causing Scale Lizards to drop materials they’re not supposed to drop.


  • Fixed an issue allowing players to clip through a wall in a specific location in Elgado Outpost.


  • A notification will now be displayed when you’ve reached the maximum number of locked quests for Anomaly Investigations at the quest counter.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the player from quickly skipping through pages by holding down the button on the Item Exchange screen at the Anomaly Research Lab.
  • Fixed an issue preventing notifications from popping up when the player has collected all of the necessary materials registered on the wishlist at the Anomaly Research Lab.
  • Fixed an issue occasionally causing predictive text to display on the preview screen when changing the name of a layered armor layout with a keyboard attached to the Nintendo Switch.


  • Two features of Research Requests have been changed:
  1. Just completing any Investigation at the specified level or above now counts as fulfilling a request.

  2. If you also hunt the specified monster on the same quest, you will earn extra progress for the request.

  • Lower required quest levels will now appear for Research Requests.
  • Fixed an issue causing guests to obtain Anomaly Investigations when performing a specific set of actions.
  • Fixed an issue causing incorrect rewards to be awarded when completing an Anomaly Investigation at a specific quest level for Bishaten and some A1★ monsters.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Somnacanth from appearing at the Lava Caverns in Anomaly Investigations.
  • A message saying, “Waiting for other players.” will now be displayed when a quest fails due to a bad connection and the host is waiting in the Lobby.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the game from saving if another player joins a Lobby when the game autosaves after completing a quest and before returning to the base.


  • Changed the name of the Zinogre tree longsword from Oppressor’s Abyss to Oppressor’s Law.
  • Fixed an issue causing the gun barrel of the Antique Machina GL gunlance to appear unnatural while in a tent.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Friede/Désastre charge blade from being carried diagonally on the player’s back when it is sheathed.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Monksnail Hat and the Ethereal Diadem layered armor to show up in the Special category.
  • Fixed an issue causing the hunter’s hair to be visible on the back of their head when looking at the preview on the pigment settings screen when the Shui Helm layered armor is equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where the color of the ears of the Ethereal Diadem layered armor would look different from the character’s skin color.


  • Fixed an issue causing item names to remain on the Item Bar even if they were discarded from the Temporary Box.
  • The Accept Praise gesture can now also be used while walking.
  • Fixed an issue causing clipping for some hairstyles when using the Wild & Elegant 1 gesture.
  • Fixed an issue causing poses to be displayed in an incorrect order when wearing the Akuma layered armor, having a sword & shield equipped, and using the Weapon Pose Set.
  • Fixed an issue preventing a Buddy’s weapon from being displayed when using certain poses in the Weapon Pose Set, if the Buddy weapon display is turned off.
  • Added “Anomaly Research & Followers” to the Hunter Info.
  • Adjusted the “Afflicted Monsters” entry in the Hunter Info.
  • Fixed an issue causing a sound effect to be played when pressing the confirm button at the default cursor position on the Monster lists and Endemic Life list in the Hunter’s Notes.
  • Fixed the quest level numbers on the drop rate list for Afflicted Hardclaws and Afflicted Hardfangs in the Hunter’s Notes.
  • Fixed an issue causing an error when the player opens the Album from the Hunter’s Notes at the same time as failing a quest.
  • Mitigated an issue occasionally preventing profile pictures from being displayed correctly when receiving a Guild Card from another player


  • Fixed an issue in Russian where “Afflicted Dire Bone” and “Afflicted Dire Hardbone” were translated with the same term.
  • Updated the Arabic photosensitivity warning message shown when launching the game. Fixed an issue occasionally causing crashes when the saved data is partially corrupted and the player changes where Chaotic Gore Magala’s theme is played, or sets a song that they have not used before.
  • Some Event Quests are now part of the application itself, rather than being downloadable separately.
  • A notification will now be displayed in case of an error when corrupted saved data is loaded.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes have been made.

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