As it stands right now, Marvel’s Midnight Suns features 12 heroes with 4 more coming through DLC. Obviously, that’s a drop in the bucket when talking about the Marvel universe, but you have to draw the line somewhere!

Developer Firaxis knows the pain of whittling down the Marvel cast of characters to find who would best fit in their game. In an interview with PCGamesN, developer Jake Solomon reveals the original plans for the game’s roster, and how it was shrunk down for release.

“I could make the case for probably 50 or 60 heroes. I’d be super excited to tell their stories and excited to make them bounce off of each other. My executive producer showed me our initial roster for the game. And it was like 25 heroes. And it was ridiculous. He was like, ‘we’re never going to be able to make this many heroes and all this stuff.’”

[Firaxis' Jake Solomon]

Among the list of those who were considered was Gambit. Unfortuantely, the ragin’ Cajun didn’t make the cut, even with some much of his character and story making sense for the game.

“So yes, and the reason we thought about Gambit, and we gave him some very serious consideration, is because you can make a case for him in a supernatural game, but like also the card thing … he just fits right.”

[Firaxis' Jake Solomon]

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