MLB The Show 23 to feature legends from The Negro Leagues

An important part of baseball history

06 February 2023
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The Negro Leagues are an important part of baseball and American history, whose iconic figures are not nearly as well-known as other baseball players of the era. San Diego Studio has announced that they plan to use MLB The Show as a gateway to expose new generations of baseball fans to these historic figures and their stories of triumph over adversity.

Enter “Storylines” a new game experience in MLB ® The Show 23. Focused on a particular player, users will experience an entertaining narrative journey through short informational videos, followed by gameplay reflecting important moments in that player’s career.

MLB The Show 23 (Storylines Season 1) introduces eight Negro League Players and their stories, narrated by Bob Kendrick. With this multiyear partnership with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum ™ the devs’ goals align with the museums to Educate, Enlighten, and Inspire by celebrating the rich history of the Negro Leagues.

Every new launch of MLB The Show represents a new Season, with it comes a new group of Negro League Legends and their stories to pay rightful tribute to these mostly unknown baseball superstars. MLB ® The Show 23 represents the inaugural season and next year’s game would be season 2.

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