Unleash the hordes in Crimson Dawn, a dark fantasy roguelite that pits an auto-attacking protagonist against increasingly difficult waves of enemies that continuously change across various maps. Unlock new characters and weapons and watch the loot rack up in this satisfying Vampire Survivors-like.

Big risks mean big rewards, and only you decide how epic your quests will be. Complete challenges, then retire at the Inn. Gain the advantage needed to take on even stronger bosses by spending resources on new characters’ abilities or weapons upgrades.

The debut title from indie studio Purple Lake, Crimson Dawn has already enjoyed a fantastic player reception in early access, and currently sits at a “Very Positive” review metric on Steam. The game’s v1.0 launch will soon be available, welcoming many more players to enjoy its thrilling and addictive horde-battling gameplay.

Crimson Dawn launches on Switch later this year.

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