Dataminer Dogon McBanana has made some rather interesting discoveries in the beloved Super Mario Strikers game. It seems at some point in development the team over at Next Level Games considered using more original designs for the characters supports than the traditional Mario enemies.

As you can see above it appears that Mario styled humans would have served as Mario and maybe Luigi’s supports in the game. It also seems that DK would have had more Kongs show up to offer him support on the field as seen below.

And if all that’s not enough it seems that some Paper Mario Characters would have made a rare 3D appearance. Seen below is a Dull Bones serving as the Medic and a Pianta security guard who brings back memories of the Pianta syndicate from Thousand-Year Door.

Given that the latest entry in the Mario Strikers series “Mario Strikers: Battle League” releases this year on June 10th, it’s nice to go back and wonder what the series might have been had these characters been included.

What do you think? Would you have liked to have seen more original characters given the chance to shine or are you happy with the cast the way it is?

Thanks to CM30 for the heads up!

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2y ago

It's so rare for Mario spinoff games to incorporate characters and ideas into other Mario spin off games. Seeing Goomboss be adapted to Mario 64DS and Kart DS was so hype for me when I was young, I would love it if that was still possible and more common today.


2y ago

The Mario-esque human makes me think Numbuh 1 and Numbuh 5 from KND: Kids Next Door had a baby.