Vigor Chronicles: Reckoning update now live

The day of reckoning has come

08 February 2023
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Bohemia Interactive is announcing the release of Vigor Chronicles: Reckoning, the latest chapter in the series for their free-to-play looter-shooter, Vigor. The new update, which releases on February 8th, 2023, introduces the new Shootout map, Myren, and the new Bear Trap consumable. Players will be able to progress through a post-apocalyptic Battle Pass with lots of “Dieselpunk” references. Equip yourself with the new M4A1 Assault Rifle and use it as the tool of your reckoning.

This new update holds many exciting new additions and most of them were highly requested by Vigor’s community! There is also a brand-new addition to the lore in the Outlands with 7 new Cassettes available and ready to be collected from Loot Events in the Encounters.

Feature list

  • Chronicles: Reckoning Battle Pass
  • New weapon: M4A1
  • Bear Trap
  • New Shootout Map: Myren
  • New thrilling story on 7 cassette tapes
  • “Vote to Kick” system for AFK Elimination players
  • Performance mode on Xbox Series X (Uncapped frame rate)
  • Weapons skins are visible in Shootout & Elimination
  • Map-specific loadouts for Shootout
  • Revamped packs: Vigor - Frozen Armageddon and Vigor - The Last King of DayZ
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