As is almost always the case with Nintendo, the company’s stock has seen a 7.5% drop following the results of their latest fiscal year report. This led to comments from analysts who believe Nintendo has a hard road ahead in selling more Switch units, and many think a price cut would be a way to keep momentum up.

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa has responded to these comments during a briefing with investors and analysts. Furukawa does note that it will be hard for Switch sales to keep up the historic, record-breaking pace they’ve achieved so far, but believes there’s room to woo new customers with fresh content.

You can see Furukawa’s entire comment below, as translated by Sephazon for Videogames Chronicle.

”We believe that we are now entering uncharted territory within our dedicated game console business. Within this environment, it will not be easy to sell hardware at the same pace as before. As a result, we realize that our new challenge will be convincing consumers who are considering new purchases, replacement purchases, or additional purchases to pick up the Nintendo Switch. Regarding hardware, we believe that there will be opportunities for new customers to purchase our products by proposing both new and classic titles.

We also believe that continuing the life cycle of the Nintendo Switch will lead to opportunities for additional software to be played by consumers. For example, during last December, Nintendo Switch total consumers hit a record high, and many continue to play Nintendo Switch. Therefore, it is integral to show the appeal of the Nintendo Switch through future software proposals to customers who are considering purchasing new hardware, replacement hardware, or additional hardware.

Regarding the Nintendo Switch [pricing strategy], we have done our best to maintain both its value and price of hardware and software in our long term business strategy. We do not believe that any changes to this policy are necessary at this stage.”

[Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa]

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1+ y ago

Yes it's been out a while, but what incentive do they have to cut the price? It's still the top selling console out there! While I'd personally love a Pro model, they certainly aren't doing anything wrong, with 122 million units sold!

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1+ y ago

I do think the Switch will eventually get a price drop, but no company will pre-announce such a thing. It’d basically halt sales until the price drop