Latest Super Mario Bros. movie poster spotlights Luigi

Luigi's in a bit of trouble...

09 February 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 3

We know that Luigi will play a role in the Super Mario Bros. animated movie from Illumination and Nintendo, but just what’s he going to be up to? The latest poster for the film gives us a bit more insight into Luigi’s circumstances.


Almost every quick snippet of footage from the Super Mario Bros. movie that featured Luigi showed him in a bunch of trouble. This poster reflects that as well, as a trio of Shyguys and one Sniffit are hauling Luigi away. We already know that he gets taken to Bowser at some point, but where does Luigi get kidnapped from? We’ll have to wait until the movie releases to find out!

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1+ y ago

Luigi is the movie's damsel in distress because it's not allowed to be Peach anymore.


1+ y ago


Good point. I really hope they're not too heavy-handed on the girl-boss tropes. The funny thing is, both boys AND girls like stories where the guy rescues the princess from the dragon.

I agree. They're kind of wearing out the "girl boss" or "strong female character" in movies and games by making them less fun and engaging as other more well-rounded characters.

If Peach isn't going to be a damsel in distress for the movie, I hope she at least has her own character flaws and quirks to make her interesting. From the trailer she clearly needs Mario to defeat Bowser, so there must be a reason she isn't driving over to Bowser with that spear in hand and killing him herself.