Idea Factory has revealed the next wave of details for Little Witch Nobeta. Today brings us more details on characters, the cast in general, and some music samples as well.

Journey with Nobeta and progress through the ancient castle where she will clash against tough monsters and even tougher crafted souls. Each crafted soul Nobeta faces will have a unique set a moves that are ready to take Nobeta down. Are there other crafted souls Nobeta is unaware of?

You can get the details for Nobeta, Tania, Monica and Venessa on the official Little Witch Nobeta website.

Along with that comes recognition for the voice cast behind the main characters in Little Witch Nobeta. Each voice actor has shared a note on their performance, and you can read through each blurb below.

Konomi Kohara as Nobeta

I’m Konomi Kohara and I’m the voice actress of Nobeta in Little Witch Nobeta. I’m happy to have been able to participate in this wonderful project. My first impression of Nobeta is that she’s a character full of mystery. As the story progressed and I learned of her heart, I found her to be an adorable girl. This is a world full of mysterious things and it’s so exciting to see how the story unfolds. I hope everyone enjoys the game!

Omaru Polka as Tania

I’m Omaru Polka and I’m the voice actress of Tania in Little Witch Nobeta! I’m glad to have had the opportunity to pour life into such a cute girl! Tania is so cute that she makes me want to protect her, but on the other hand, she’s a very lonely soul. I’ve tried my best to portray her character and I hope everyone learns to like Tania! I hope everybody has fun seeing her in the game!

Shirakami Fubuki as Monica

I’m Shirakami Fubuki and I’m the voice actress of Monica in Little Witch Nobeta. She may look cute, but Monica’s story is actually very heartbreaking once you learn about it. I’ve put in all my effort to play both her bright side and dark sides. I hope you like it!

Shirogane Noel as Vanessa

Hi, everyone! I’m Shirogane Noel and I’m the voice actress of Vanessa! Vanessa is a female knight just like me, but she’s cold as ice! And it’s so cool! It has been difficult for me to play as her as I’m actually a bit clumsy and that’s not like Vanessa at all, but it’s been such a unique experience! I’m looking forward for the official release and I hope everyone does too♡

Finally, fans can check out the music behind Little Witch Nobeta, including the live recording theme music for one of the crafted souls, Vanessa! With the help of music producers, Shi Kuang Lee and Oli Jan, Little Witch Nobeta’s music will definitely strike a chord with all the fans!

Shi Kuang Lee: Music Producer

MusicLight Studio was established by music producer and sound effect designer, Shi Kuang Lee, who has assisted in the music production and sound design of several video game franchises. Beyond the world of game audio, he also works commercially for animation and advertising, crafting audio of the highest quality for all of his video projects.

Oli Jan: Composer, Voice Actor

Oli is a UK-based composer and voiceover artist endorsed by Arts Council England. He has produced music for video games, films, theatre, and other media. His compositions have been performed in Taiwan, Japan, Europe, and the USA. In the field of anime and video games, he has produced music for projects by Kadokawa Future Publishing, Simon Creative, Frontier, Crespirit, Narrator and Storia, and many others.

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