Late last year, we learned that Universal Studios in Japan would feature Nintendo characters in their next NO Limit Parade. The lineup included Mario and Pikachu making the rounds, along with a Charizard float with flapping wings and billowing smoke, and other Pokémon out and about. Today brings us info on some Nintendo-related merch to go along with the parade.

Universal Studios Japan has revealed their merch lineup for the NO Limit Parade, which takes place on March 1st, 2023. Fans will be able to snag all kinds of Nintendo-related merch, from headbands and t-shirts to keychains and more. You can see the complete lineup below.

  • Pikachu Headband
  • Pikachu Charm
  • Pikachu Plush that can be attached to bubble wand
  • Pikachu Short Sleeve Hoodie
  • Super Mario Bros Headband
  • Super Mario Bros Charms
  • Star and Blue Shell plush set

If you want pictures for each of these goodies, you can find a complete gallery here.

Thanks to d_says_hi for the heads up!

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