Publisher Megapop has announced that Rob Riches is now available on the Switch. The title is priced at $9 and takes up 495 MB of space.

Rob Riches is a zen puzzle adventure about exploring ancient temples, solving their mysteries and collecting treasure! Delve deep into the Mesoamerican jungle, brave the cold heart of the Norse temple and explore the tomb beneath the scorching sands.

Your quest? To gather all the coins of course! Solve the turn-based traps and mechanics in Sokoban style puzzles to get each shiny coin, and unlock the path forward. Can you find the ultra secret red coins?

Every room of the temple is its own unique and handcrafted puzzle to be solved. Improve your best solutions with the step counter. Experienced players will be challenged to solve puzzles in the most optimal way, and avid adventurers may find hidden secrets just waiting to be discovered!

Be careful! Each temple has its own set of traps and dangers you must overcome. Made a horrible mistake? No worries, use the undo button! But make sure you plan ahead or each step may be your last!

As you delve further, the challenges become progressively more difficult to truly test your puzzle solving skills! Surpass the dangers to claim each world’s great treasure - they belong in a museum!

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