Just a few days back, Jim Carrey had mentioned that he had a desire to play a version of Dr. Robotnik/Eggman that was physically closer to what we see in the video games. It was a passing comment from Carrey, but in a new interview, he goes into much more detail on the topic.

In a discussion with, Carrey once again talks about his interest in portraying Eggman in a way that matches what the games have showcased for decades. You can see Carrey’s full comments on the matter below.

“I’ve been lobbying for the fat Eggman, the big Eggman, for a while, but apparently they wanted to show the audience how imperfect my actual body is. So, I’ve done that now, so you never know. But yeah, there’s so much fun with the look of this character. I really wanted to start veering towards ‘let’s do the guy that they’re used to seeing.’ That mustache is an outward manifestation of ego. He shaves his head on the mushroom planet ‘cause that’s loser hair. That’s the hair that lost the battle, man.”

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