Harry Potter fans who have Xboxes or Playstations are wandering the halls of Hogwarts right now, as Hogwarts Legacy launched a few days back. Switch owners will have to wait until July to explore the wizarding world, but just know that when the game does arrive, you won’t be able to romance any of your fellow students.

Players have been wondering why Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t offer any romance options or mechanics, and narrative lead Moira Squier has offered an explanation in an interview with GamePro. According to Squier, the mechanics would just be too difficult to include.

“We made a conscious decision not to [have romance]. There is no way to do it well, after all you are the protagonist in the game and you can be anyone. We want you to be able to be whoever you want. […] That would be too difficult to manage [with romance].”

[narrative lead Moira Squier]

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1+ y ago

Aren’t these children in a school?! Don’t think a romance option would be well received.


1+ y ago


You just described Persona 3-5 and basically a large chunk of Visual Novels.