Developer Ravenscourt and publisher Koch Media have announced “Corrupted Fates”, a DLC expansion for their dice-based survival city builder game, Dice Legacy. The new content launches on April 19th, 2022 and will include: a new dice class, a new ruler, new mechanics, a new game mode and more. Check out the trailer above and additional details via the official press release below.

Invaders are at your shores and your society, weak and corrupted, falls prey to the allure of a dark and powerful entity. A mysterious cult has formed within your realm. The council doesn’t trust you, so you must escape. How much are you willing to sacrifice for your own survival in this race against time?

Meet the Cultists; the new dice class that can boost carefully laid plans. They can sacrifice other dice to tap into arcane powers. The new ruler, the Vicar, has been a longstanding member of the Council and is capable of hiding the corruption befalling the population.

The new game mode “The Downfall” turns the tables and lets you experience Dice Legacy from the end – and through the eyes of the Others. Invaders are closing in on your weakened and corrupted society and the council is pushing to sacrifice yourself for the greater good.

The solution? Build a galleon and escape before it’s too late.

Additionally, “Corrupted Fates” also comes with new mechanics and features:

  • Corrupted Policies: The Cultists will tempt other classes to propose Corrupted Policies – while powerful, they also come at a price
  • Madness: Your wicked actions have consequences. Will they destroy you or give you an edge?
  • Revelations: An otherworldly presence gives you invaluable insights yielding powerful effects based on the faces you have in your dice pool
  • 11 new technologies
  • 12 new policies
  • 7 new memories
  • 4 new buildings: Void Well, Knowledge Generator, Offering Stone and Cradle of Rebirth

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