Japanese newspaper Kyoto Shimbun has shared a rather scary story concerning an unnamed executive at Nintendo.

According to the report, a 36-year-old woman has been arrested after allegedly sending death threats to an executive at Nintendo. Apparently, the woman had sent a package to Nintendo’s headquarters that included a bag of incense, along with some frightening documents.

These documents are said to have included a specific date, along with messages stating such things as “I-I’ll kill you” and “Die Nintendo!”. Obviously, Nintendo reported this package to the authorities as soon as it was received, and thankfully no one was injuried following the package’s arrival.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a reason as to why this woman sent the package, there’s no info to share. As of right now, the police have only stated that the woman has “no personal hatred,” and it’s likely she never met the executive she was going after.

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1+ y ago

Maybe she was just excited about the direct and was misunderstood.


1+ y ago

Did she actually write 'I-I'll kill you'? Despite the serious issue I can't help but to chuckle.


1+ y ago

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another episode of "Spot the looney!"


1+ y ago

After the KyoAni attack and the assassination of Shinzo Abe, Japan must be on edge about these kinds of incidents. Can't be too careful.


1+ y ago

She wanted Metroid Prime Trilogy instead of 1💀