Metroid Prime Remaster saw a surprise release last week, and it’s been met with universal praise ever since. From gameplay features and controls to faithfulness to the original, people are really loving the return of this classic. Unfortunately, the situation is a bit different when it comes to the dev team.

Former Retro studios engineer Zoid Kirsch took to Twitter to share a bit of disappointment he had with Metroid Prime Remaster, and it comes from how the game handles credits.

As you can see in the tweet above, the original Metroid Prime development team does get acknowledgement in the credits, but only as a collective. I think everyone would agree that it would be nice to see all of those people listed individually, but for whatever reason, Nintendo took a different route. That’s not to say things couldn’t be updated in the future, and hopefully they are.

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Yeah they should include the original game credits in a full capacity.


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I'm waiting for the physical version and I haven't played it yet.

But I would say it depends on how much of the original is actually retained in the remake.

For instance, if the Samus model was created from scratch for the remake based on original concept art, does the original modeler deserve the same amount of credit for the remake if they weren't involved anyway?
Is that fair? Do you just credit the concept artist since their work was involved in the remake while the original modeler's wasn't?

Seems like the best choice would be just to acknowledge that the remake is built on the original, which is what Nintendo did here.

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Completely agree. I’ll copy/paste what I wrote in another forum on this topic:

I’ll be the contrarian and say that I think the way the credits were handled here makes perfect sense. The original game (and Wii re-release) are quite old. Those teams are explicitly “credited” here. It isn’t difficult to look up their names in the original credits.
But a remaster is a new project, at a new time and with new developers. This is their work, and they are the ones who should receive credit by name. Noting in the credits that their hard work is based on the hard work of the original dev teams doesn’t seem insulting or inappropriate to me.