Sonic Frontiers seems to have captured the imagination of Sonic fans new and old alike, and it certainly takes the franchise into a bold new direction. There’s no doubt plenty of 3D Sonic adventures ahead of us, but what about Sonic’s 2D future? Well, it appears supporters of Sonic in 2D will have something to look forward to as well.

Sonic Frontiers’ director Morio Kishimoto has been answering all sorts of fan questions on Twitter the last few days, and one person in particular made an inquiry about more 2D Sonic titles. Kishimoto’s answer doesn’t give 100% confirmation that a 2D Sonic title is coming, but it definitely seems to leave the door open.

“…Well, In addition to 3D Sonic games, there are also side-scrolling Sonic games on the table, so please look forward to them!”

[Sonic Frontiers' director Morio Kishimoto]

This comment leaves enough wiggle room for interpretation, which could mean a 2D game is already in the works, or SEGA is at least considering future 2D adventures. There are no doubt plenty of Sonic fans who would love to see the series continue in this traditional fashion, so hopefully SEGA makes an announcement sometime this year.

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1+ y ago

As long as it's not Sonic Mania 2, Sega would be happy to mess things up

cheesus 2

1+ y ago

I don't get Sega, Sonic Mania was a home run and they don't want to make a sequel?