Just yesterday, we got a brand-new poster for the Super Mario Bros. movie that featured Bowser. It looks like the team behind the film is keen on Bowser right now, as they’ve shared two more posters spotlighting the big baddie.

First up is the poster above, which shows Bowser snagging a Star from the Penguins. This poster directly references the very first teaser trailer we saw for the Super Mario Bros. movie, and there’s no doubt plenty more to learn about this moment in the full movie.


Although not the highest quality, another poster for the Super Mario Bros. movie has been spotted, and this one features Bowser as well. This time around, we get Bowser in front of his throne, surrounded by some paratroopas and Kamek. As usual, Bowser is clearly up to no good!

What’s Bowser’s big scheme this time around? We’ll find out when the Super Mario Bros. movie hits theaters in North America on April 7th, 2023.

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