The body of a lion, the tail of a scorpion, and the face of a human – meet Martichoras, the Manticore King.

The upcoming free-to-play God in Hi-Rez’ action-MOBA SMITE, will be out next week on February 21. In today’s cinematic reveal trailer this apex predator stalks a Greek soldier out of luck.

This was no isolated attack… Martichoras favorite meal? Human flesh, and now, he plans to feast upon the Gods themselves. To get his fill, Martichoras will preferably make his lair on the SMITE Duo Lane where he will slay countless minions with the support of an allied player. You guessed it – Martichoras belongs to the Hunter class. What’s more, he is the first creature to be a Hunter in SMITE.

This monstrous God shoots venomous projectiles from his scorpion tail, a unique form of ranged attack with damage over time. Always on the hunt, Martichoras can prove cunning and deploy a patch of stealth grass where he and his allies may hide before leaping out onto their prey. The self-proclaimed king of the manticores will also shoot a massive stinger that bursts with poison. With his horrific ultimate, he can briefly take to the sky before raining down a barrage of toxic poisons.

Martichoras is a legend from SMITE’s past. Once known as the Manticore, he was the first boss that players ever faced in order to complete the tutorial. Ten years later, he is now returned as Martichoras to claim revenge – much like Surtr, the Fire Giant, for the launch of this Season of Monsters last month.

In Greek mythology, Martichoras is recorded as the first Manticore to be seen by humans. He has had thousands of years of practice since then to become the Manticore King; stronger, faster, and smarter than any of his kind.

All details on the Manticore King Martichoras and all the upcoming content, including the second half of the Magic: The Gathering Crossover, will be revealed during the Update Show this Wednesday, February 15th at 3pm.


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