Cassette Beasts 'Monster Transformation' trailer

From precious pup to fearsome foe

13 February 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

We’re still waiting on release date information for Cassette Beasts, but at least today brings us a new trailer for the game! This video focuses in on monster transformation, and element you’ll definitely want to familiarize yourself with before hopping into the game. Give the new trailer a watch above.

Collect awesome monsters to use during turn-based battles in this open-world RPG. Combine any two monster forms using Cassette Beasts’ Fusion System to create unique and powerful new ones!

Welcome to New Wirral, a remote island inhabited by strange creatures you’ve only dreamed of, nightmares you hopefully haven’t, and a cast of brave folks who use cassette tapes to transform for battle. To find a way home you’ll need to explore every inch of the island, and record monsters to your trusty cassette tapes to gain their abilities!

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bahamut omega

1+ y ago

Anyone else getting the feeling of Transformers from this one? I could so see myself messing about with it and naming the tapes after said Transformers. Just a case to see Ravage and Steeljaw ripping something apart together.