Nintendo fans are some of the most perceptive there are in gaming. No matter how big or small a move Nintendo makes, fans are there to scour every aspect of it. That’s exactly what happened with Nintendo’s latest Switch Online video, and fans think a small change is hinting at big news.

Nintendo has released an updated version of their Switch Online promo video in Japan, and eagle-eyed viewers noticed some small difference between this version and the last one Nintendo put out. During the Pokémon Stadium segment, the original video included a disclaimer saying players couldn’t transfer Pokémon into Pokémon Stadium. In the new version of the video, that disclaimer has been removed.

Why would Nintendo go through the trouble of removing that single line unless there’s been some sort of change? Nintendo just added Game Boy/Game Boy Advance functionality to Switch Online/Switch Online Expansion Pack last week, and that certainly paves the way for multiple classic Pokémon games to join the service. It’s hard not to imagine that Nintendo is gearing up for such an addition, which could mean Pokémon Stadium will get functionality fans have been clamoring for.

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1+ y ago

Hopefully that’s the case and they also add Pokémon Home support.


1+ y ago

I feel like there was a rumor that this functionality was being worked on behind the scenes. I'm not sure if I would take advantage of this but it's really cool that it might happen.