Square Enix has been sharing all sorts of insight into Final Fantasy VII over the last few weeks, giving us an unprecedent level of insight into the game. There have been countless reveals and secrets shared in recent days, and the team has come back with yet another surprising fact.

According to the dev team, the original plan for Final Fantasy VII was to have the game take place in New York City. This would have gone hand-in-hand with a different story from what we got, featuring a character named “Detective Joe” who was investigating a group looking to destroy the city’s Mako Reactors. Funnily enough, one of the members in that group went through a number of changes, and was eventually turned into Cloud Strife.

Equally interesting is the fact that Parasite Eve came about a year after Final Fantasy VII, and that game does take place in New York City. You have to wonder if instead of being shelved, the original plan for FFVII morphed into Parasite Eve!

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1+ y ago

Japanese people I've talked to think New York City is the most important and prominent city in the USA. And yeah, it's big and famous, but it's this one little pin-point on the eastern side a large and diverse country. And I'm sort of tired of it representing the entire country so often.

I'm glad they went with a fictional city (and planet) instead.