Super Mario Bros. movie viral marketing spotted in Brooklyn

Now this is how you market a movie!

14 February 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Marketing for the Super Mario Bros. movie from Illumination and Nintendo went into overdrive last weekend, as a new ‘plumbing commercial’ video was released that was filled with nostalgia, inside jokes, and a unique approach to marketing. Now those efforts continue in Brooklyn, New York.

As spotted by a fan in Brooklyn, someone involved with the Super Mario Bros. movie marketing team is making their way around town with a collection of flyers. Those flyers are getting stuck to walls and trees to spread the word on Super Mario Bros. Plumbing! The flyers use the same phone number and website address as the film, funneling people to the viral marketing campaign.

It’s great to see Nintendo and Illumination marketing the movie this way, and they get extra bonus points for spreading the word specifically in Brooklyn. We’ll have to keep an eye on NYC in general as we get closer to the movie’s release, as there’s no doubt more viral marketing to come.

Thanks to Mom B. for the heads up!

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1+ y ago

Just an fyi for anyone who might see this don't put staples in trees.