The worlds of wrestling and videogames cross over more than you’d think. The crowd is always filled with gaming-related signs, plenty of today’s wrestlers are big gamers, and sometimes gaming even becomes a topic during a promo. That’s exactly what happened on the latest episode of WWE Monday Night RAW.

Seth “Freakin’” Rollins has become known in recent years for his flamboyant fashion sense, as he’s always wearing something eye-catching. That was the case with his most recent appearance, where he was wearing the ‘Big Red Boots’ from MSCHF, which have been the talk of the fashion world lately.

During a promo between Rollins and The Miz, a discussion about the boots came up. The Miz wasn’t a fan of the Big Red Boots, and likened them to something that Super Mario would wear. The very bashing obviously riled up Rollins, and you can take a guess as to what happened afterward.

If you want to see the moment play out, you can fast-forward to the 1:35 mark in the video above.

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