Guardian Tales has been updated with its 21st patch. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

1. New Hero and Exclusive Weapon

  • SSR Hero : Divine Beast of Harvest Mayreel
  • ★5 Exclusive Weapon : Solaris

2. Contents

  • Nightmare difficulty addition

Nightmare difficulty for World 8 : ‘Mt. Shivering’ will be added.

  • Request for Evolution Stones

. A feature for requesting Hero Evolution Stones amongst guild members.

. Only Evolution Stones for Heroes that you own can be requested.

. Evolution Stones for Heroes that already are Grade 5 or have enough Evolution Stones to become Grade 5 cannot be requested.

. You can earn limited number of Evolution Stones per request.

[SR] Hero: Up to 10 Evolution Stones per request

[SSR] Hero: Up to 2 Evolution Stones per request

Evolution Stone Request can be requested once every 12 hours.

. Request time lasts for 6 hours.

Once you send it, you cannot cancel the request for Evolution Stones.

. The Evolution Stones you requested can be collected when the request is fulfilled or the request time is over.

Added Collections and Equipment

  • This Can’t be Me
  • Bari Wannabe
  • Toy Soldiers


  • Co-op Season 10 and Master Arena Season 4 will progress during the following period. (3 times per day)

02/13 12:00 ~02/20 11:59 (PST)

Guild Raid

  • Guild Raid ‘Grand Hall’ will progress during the period below.

02/15 11:00 ~02/27 10:59 (PST)

3. Shop

  • SSR Hero Growth Package (Mayreel) has been added.

※ The SSR Hero Growth Package will show up once you summon and own the corresponding Hero.

※ The SSR Hero Growth Package can only be purchased for 7 days. It will not show up anymore if unpurchased.

  • 3 Packages celebrating Valentine’s Day will be released.

Period: Feb.13th after maintenance ~ Feb.28th 6:59 (PST)

Please check the details at the Shop in the game after the Feb.14th update.

  • The Hero Costume sale rotation will change.

. Purchase Period: Feb.13 after maintenance ~ Feb.27th 16:59 (PST)

. New Hero Costumes:

-Chocolate Passion Idol Eva

-Chocolate Confession Future Princess

-Honeybee Mayreel

-Hotspring Bathing Miya

-Toy Block Bari

-Racer Marianne

-Toy-gun Hekate

-Doll White Beast

-Mayreel Plushie Bari

-T-Rex Doll Tinia

-Tree Plushie Aoba

-Polar Bear Ranpang

-Mayreel as Maid

4. Event

  • New Hero and Exclusive Weapon
  • Period : Feb.14 after maintenance ~ Feb.27 16:59 (PST)


-SSR Hero Divine Beast of Harvest Mayreel

-SSR Hero Dancing Archer Tinia

-SSR Hero Eight-tailed Fox Nari


-★5 Solaris

-★5 Sarnga

-★5 Sage Bead

Valentine’s Day 50 Free summons for Heroes/Equipment!

  • Event Period: Feb.14 after maintenance ~ Feb.27 16:59 (PST)
  • We’re giving out free x10 time(s) summons per day for Heroes/Equipment (Maximum of 50 times!) if you login during the event period!
  • Any unused 10x free summons will expire once the event ends on Feb.27 16:59 (PST)

Valentine’s Day Attendance will begin.

  • Event Period: Feb.13th after maintenance ~ Feb.27th 16:59 (20 day period)

Let’s go Bingo Machine! Event will begin.

  • Event Period: Feb.13th 17:00 ~ Feb.27th 16:59 (PST)
  • Reward Obtain Period: Mar.6th 16:59 (PST)

5. Others

  • The Hero and Weapon Summons Chance Table will be updated.

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