As usual, Twitter remains a social media platform where gaming discussion runs wild. Twitter released stats on gaming-related tweets for the first quarter of 2022, and people were clearly eager to talk about their favorite games.

First quarter 2022 was the biggest quarter to date for gaming, with roughly 800 million tweets on the topic, up 52% year-over-year and 12% from the fourth quarter of 2021. These tweets were sent by 48 million unique users, an increase of 12% year-over-year and 7% from Q4 2021.

As for the top 10 most tweeted-about games during that quarter, you can find that info below.

  1. Genshin Impact (@GenshinImpact)
  2. Wordle
  3. Ensemble Stars! (@ensemble_stars)
  4. Apex Legends (@PlayApex)
  5. Final Fantasy (@FinalFantasy)
  6. Sekai Project (@sekaiproject)
  7. Elden Ring (@ELDENRING)
  8. Fate/Grand Order (@fgoproject)
  9. Knives Out (@GAME_KNIVES_OUT)
  10. Minecraft (@Minecraft)

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