Fairy Fencer F Refrain Chord website updated with System and Sound details

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15 February 2023
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Idea Factory has announced new website updates for the upcoming Fairy Fencer F™ tactical RPG, Fairy Fencer F™: Refrain Chord. In particular, the following details have been added to the game’s website.

System: Battle Overview, Battle System, Customization, Additional Elements

Sound: Muse Song Information, Muse Song Composer, Theme Song Information

Battle Overview:

In this new game, you’ll have to fight strategic battles on a grid with height differences! Along with character orientation, Fairize, and field height, you’ll make use of the game’s greatest feature in battle: the power of Song!

Change your party’s organization, character placements, and their equipment. You can have a total of 6 units, so check all the enemy types and locations on the map, then deploy the most optimal units!

Within Equipment, there’s Armor, Accessories and Fragments. You can obtain armor and accessories not just from drops during battle or from shops, but from item synthesis as well!

Fragments are special equipment that contain the Soul Gift effect that activates during battle. You can obtain them through this game’s unique treasure hunting system, Location Shaping!

Location Shaping is a treasure hunting system unique to this game, where you stab Furies (weapons) into the World Map to stimulate the earth, allowing you to find various treasures! You might not only get rare equipment and items, but you might find new battle stages?!

Fans can check out the singers and composers who took part in crafting the music behind Fairy Fencer F™: Refrain Chord. Yui Ishikawa, Miyuki Hashimoto, Nami Tamaki, and Aoi Fuji are four of the singers that contributed to the music of the muses.

Fleur VA: Yui Ishikawa (“Notes of Faith”)

Debuted in 2007 as Dhianeila in the anime Heroic Age. She gained prominence by playing Mikasa Ackerman in the 2013 anime Attack on Titan. In the following year, she won Best Supporting Actress at the 8th Seiyu Awards. She won Best Lead Actress during the 15th (2020) Seiyu Awards. Her talents are not limited to voice acting, as she is a creative who engages in other projects as well, such as her solo project UTA-KATA which makes use of her wonderful singing ability.

Fleur VA: Miyuki Hashimoto (“Seed of the Sign”)

Debuted in the 2003 PC game song “LINK.” Since then she’s become known as the “muse of the game world,” singing mainly PC game songs and occasionally anime theme songs. Her 2019 solo performance, which spanned material across 15 years since she debuted, streamed live simultaneously to several video sites to thousands of viewers. She not only has an established reputation as a singer, but as a lyricist as well.

Glace VA: Nami Tamaki (“The Fool”)

She debuted as a singer with the 2013 single “Believe” from Sony Music along with winning the “New Artist of the Year” prize during the 18th Japan Gold Disc Awards. She has also earned high praise for her dance performances, and has toured overseas. In recent years, she has appeared in many stage productions such as the Broadway musical “Kinky Boots.”

Glace VA: Aoi Fuji (“Fruit of Evil”)

By the influence of her mother, a piano teacher, she began singing at a young age. With a desire to spread joy to others through song, she began her career in 2017 on YouTube with the concept of “being the cheerleader of your heart.” She uploads cover songs and various videos to her YouTube channel “Aoi ch.” In November 2018, she made her major debut with UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN. She is currently studying songwriting.

Fans can check out the creators of the opening and ending theme songs of Fairy Fencer F™: Refrain Chord. The band marble and the singer Reika Kisumi each contributed their own ending theme song!

Ending Theme Song - “Kioku No Hazama”

An organic pop group that finds a way to be both exhilirating and gentle at the same time, while using melodies that conjure feelings of wistful nostalgia.

micco (vocals)

Micco handles the singing, lyrics, and composition. At live concerts, she uses keyboards and the koto. A stunning lyricist, she even provides lyrics for other artists from time to time.

Tatsuya Kikuchi (Guitar etc.)

Tatsuya plays guitar, bass, and a variety of other instruments, as well writing and arranging for the group. As a composer, arranger, and musician, he also offers musical composition services to other artists.

Ending Theme Song - “Hikari no Kodou”

Originally from Hokkaido, since childhood her singing abilities have led her to win top rank in various vocal contests, and afterwards she began an active singing career. In 2019 she started work as a motion actor and talent.

You can check out the official Fairy Fencer F™: Refrain Chord website for even more details.

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