Indie game developer Swinging Lama Productions is inviting players of all ages and experience levels to partake in the fun and challenging Blaloon Blalympia games on Switch to win the Golden Blaloon. A successor to the popular Blaloon Blalympia previously released on the platform, Blaloon Blalympia 2 includes four new and three remastered games that challenge your dexterity, reaction speed, and tactical skills.

In addition, in a special promotion ending March 1st, the game is available for download with a significant discount. Instead of the normal $10 asking price, you can pick up the game for just $2. Do you have what it takes as a blathlete to beat your friends and family?

Blaloon Blalympia 2 introduces the craziest party game ever! Somewhere on a planet far, far away, on Blanet Blaloonia, the inhabitants Blas live peacefully in a unique world where challenges in life are resolved using balloons; in fact, everything built is made up of Blaloons; their houses, their tools, the vehicles, the furniture, and even sports gear. Every four years, the Blalympics are held, where four prospect champions compete for the Golden Blaloon in a series of fun games with different disciplines, and, in the end, the winner with the most points is victorious.


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