In this new “Life in the Afterlife” series trailer for Have a Nice Death, you can take a carefree tour of Death Inc., your new home away from home when the darkly charming roguelike launches on Switch March 22nd, 2023.

Death Inc. is the Underworld’s leading the mega corporation in charge of processing souls into the afterlife. As a sprawling corporate empire, Death Inc. has many morbidly-themed departments – like the Industrial Pollution Department, which oozes with charm, and the Physical Illness Department that’ll take your breath away. Each department is run by a powerful executive, known as a “Sorrow”, but unfortunately for you, they’ve been running rampant – leaving you with more work to do, so you’ll have to overcome their deadly abilities and show them who’s boss.

On March 1, Gearbox will drop the third and final “Life in the Afterlife” series trailer, “Tools of the Trade”, that’ll share all the tools of mass destruction (or should we say “death-struction”) you can have in your arsenal!


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