Can you withstand the strength of waves upon waves of horrifying Gargoyles? Defend the portals in Nightmare Horde, an extreme difficulty variation of the classic Horde Mode, now available in the Brawlhalla Version 7.04 update.

When you’re not busy defeating creatures from the fiery underworld, check out the new Disarmed visual effects that have been added to the Experimental queue. Then, head on down to Mallhalla, where you’ll find the New West Cassidy Skin bursting through the saloon doors ready for a standoff duel. If fighting those gargoyles tires you out, try the new Faint Emote. We’ve also added 9 new Avatars, including country flags and Doodles, so stand ready with your Avatar Cape and Flag Emote!

We’ve also added new challenges to the Challenges Preview available in Offline Play, made game improvements, bug fixes, and so much more. Log in and get ready to BRAWL!

As usual, there are some lengthy patch notes to go along with this update to Brawlhalla. If you’d like to dig through the nitty-gritty details, you can find the official patch notes here.

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