We already knew that PowerWash Simulator would be getting some free Final Fantasy VII DLC, but now we know when it’s arriving. Final Fantasy VII fans will be able to enjoy the free Midgar Special Pack DLC for PowerWash Simulator on March 2nd, 2023.

FuturLab are collaborating with the FINAL FANTASY VII team to bring the gritty city of Midgar to PowerWash Simulator. You could say that Midgar is facing an Avalanche… of dirt.

This new pack contains five levels set above and below the plate. Armed with your collection of high-pressure power washers, you’ll set to work clearing up the mess made by Midgar’s usual suspects - Don Corneo’s lackeys, Professor Hojo’s ‘specimens’ and Heidegger’s dangerous tech.

You’ll accept jobs from both loyal members of Avalanche, and Shinra bigshots. As you clean, you’ll discover their stories through text messages.

Of course, the city of Midgar is a far cry from the not-really-mean streets of Muckingham - you’ll have to contend with new dirt types, such as bio-residue, as you spray your way through some truly iconic locations.

The Hardy Daytona and Shinra Hauler

How is anyone expected to drive away from the Shinra Building in dirt-encrusted vehicles?

Someone needs to make them sparkle once more. You are that someone.

The mighty Scorpion Sentinel

Clean while its tail is up! It’s gonna counter with… well, nothing. It’s been deactivated for the cleaning job at hand - you’re fine.

But the Scorpion Sentinel, on the other hand, is looking a little worse for wear. It’s covered in grime and requires one heck of a spring clean.

The charming Seventh Heaven

The interior of the beloved Sector 7 bar is absolutely filthy - nobody’s going to want to sit and sup a Cosmo Canyon cocktail in that. Or eat Egg and Chips.

Better get to work.

The Mako Energy Exhibit

The Shinra Building’s famous energy exhibit is caked in all kinds of muck. You’ll have to be sure to get into all the nooks and crannies of that model of Midgar in order to make it shine as brightly as the lifestream itself.

Why you? Well, it’s the Shinra Electric Power Company, not the Shinra Electric Power Washing Company, right?

The formidable Airbuster

The pinnacle of Shinra engineering, this super-powerful mech is set to make a big splash when it’s deployed against the company’s enemies.

Of course, it can’t go into service looking like that, so give it a once-over with your power washer. Actually, make that a twice-over at the least - it’s very dirty!

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