Pokémon Co. teasing massive Wailord plush

The biggest Pokémon plush yet?

15 February 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The Pokémon Co. is no stranger to plushes. The company has released countless plush versions of various Pokémon over the years, and we always know there’s more on the way. This time around, it appears we could be getting one of the biggest plushes the company has offered yet.

Pokemon Co. shared a tweet that featured the image above, which gives us an up-close look at Wailord. The only other thing shared with this sneak peek was a message that read ‘soon.’

It appears Pokémon Center’s website is going to add a massive Wailord plush to its virtual shelves in the near future. Specifics on this plush are yet to be shared, but we’ll make sure to bring them to you as soon as details release. All we know at this point is to expect a massive plush and an equally massive pricetag!

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