Earlier today, Behaviour Interactive revealed Dead by Daylight’s 27th Chapter, titled Tools Of Torment. This Chapter launches on March 7th, 2023, and it brings with it the The Skull Merchant, a brutal new Killer.

The Skull Merchant has an ‘Eyes in the Sky’ power that uses drones that can work in either Active Mode and Scouting Mode. Active Mode on drones removes the Skull Merchant’s Terror Radius and Res Stain, which could be quite a problem for Survivors. In Scouting Mode, drones can let the Skull Merchant know when a Survivor enters their radius.

In an interview with, Dead by Daylight gameplay director Matthew Spriggens talked about what Survivors can do when a drone enters Scouting Mode. At this time, Survivors can approach drones to disarm them permanently, but doing so snags you in Claw Trap that reveals your position until the device’s battery runs out. Spriggens opened up on why the team decided to take this approach with their new Killer.

“We always like having this sort of risk reward kind of aspect to the different elements in our design and by allowing the Survivors to just hack the drone outright, they’re effectively shutting down the killer’s power without her being able to do much about it. So it really introduces this interesting decision space for Survivor players when they have that option to do it, but they know that they’re potentially going to either trigger the active zone or they’re going to end up with this trap on them. So it gives it a bit more of an interesting decision for Survivors to make there.”

[Dead by Daylight gameplay director Matthew Spriggens]

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