Xenoblade Chronicles 3 clip showcases Masha

A new Hero with Wave 3 DLC

15 February 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

We’re mere hours away from Wave 3 of the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Expansion Pass releasing, and among other things, this Wave introduces us to Masha. You can get a closer look at the character in the new video shared above.

Masha can be recruited as a Hero as part of the Expansion Pass and she uses the Lapidarist Healer class. She is an attack-based Support Hero who relies on critical hits to heal her teammates. She meets the party in the City and is able to craft special accessories using Enigmatter at rest spots.

The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Expansion Pass includes access to multiple waves of DLC content as they become available. The Expansion Pass is priced at $40.

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