We’ve seen so much content related to the 35th anniversary of Final Fantasy already, but there’s even more in the works. Parco, a chain of department stores in Japan, has revealed that they’re working on a Final Fantasy 35th anniversary merchandise campaign, and it kicks off March 1st, 2023.

16 Parco locations and the Parco website will participate in this anniversary celebration, and customers who spend 3000 JPY per purchase will get a random Final Fantasy rubber coaster. Along with that is a slew of Final Fantasy items, which you can see a full breakdown for below.

  • Angelic Pretty: Jumper skirt, tote bag
  • B3Labo: Leather bags, charms,
  • Candy Stripper: Sweaters
  • Disk Union/Union Record: Pixel Remaster anti-slip mat
  • ForSomeone: T-shirts
  • Hipshop: Boxers
  • KanaKichi: Cutlery
  • Milkfed: T-shirts
  • Ojaga Design: Keyholders
  • Parco Booster: Lamp cover, glass pen, chitin glass cup
  • Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice: Wallets, clutches, bag charms
  • Samantha Vega: Bags, charms, wallets
  • Silas: T-shirt
  • Yoshida Yasuri: Nail file

If you want to get a look at all of these items, you can find a gallery at the official Parco website.

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