For those of you that have lost track of some of your old retro games, there may still be hope. That is, if you both live in Japan and wrote your name on the cartridge!

Junji Seki, founder of the Named Cartridge Musem, didn’t start off with this goal, instead, he started off simply collecting cartridges. For those of us who have a collection of game cartridges, there are bound to be a few in our collections with some long-forgotten name scrawled somewhere on it. Junji noticed this and opened the Named Cartridge Museum in an attempt to reunite people with their old games.

The process is fairly simple. All you need to do is alert the director that you think they may have your old game, which they then will deliver it to you, provided you can pay for it and will allow the museum to document the experience.

If you would like to see some of these games (and can read Japanese), check out the Musem’s Website here.


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