team17 has released the free ‘Winter Chef’ update for Overcooked! All You Can Eat. Check out all the new content added below.


Go flippers for the latest Chef to enter Overcooked! All You Can Eat! Create some of their favourite meals… not just seafood recipes, they love ice-burgers and brrrrritos! We hope you have a blast when cooking with the all new Penguin Chef, even if they are a bit of a fishy character.

Alongside the new Penguin Chef, we have two alternate skins coming to Overcooked All You Can Eat!


An alternate skin for our new Penguin Chef joins the chaos! Cook meals with the Macaroni Penguin Skin, hopefully with a little less fire… but hey, the fish won’t cook without a few flames! Just maybe in fryer next time. We hope you think this chef is pasta-tively amazing!


For the Winter Chef Update, we couldn’t have the new penguin skins feeling lonely in a two chef huddle- that would be pretty ice-olating. The Arctic Fox is our latest furry friend addition, helping you chef up some great dishes and chipping in to think outside the fox….. we mean box!


This Winter Chef Update also brings bug fixes to the World Food Festival Update and throughout All You Can Eat. Please find the patch notes for this update below!

Patch Notes:

New Chef & Skins

  • 1 new Chef added – Penguin Chef
  • 2 new Alternate Skins added – Macaroni Penguin Skin and Arctic Fox Skin.


  • Improvements to d-pad functionality during gameplay.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ever Peckish Chef and the Unbread Chef were not retained when updating to the World Food Festival Update.
  • Fixed an issue with the Swedish Chef’s silhouette.
  • Fixed issues with the location of the emote wheel in certain throne room scenes.

Assist Mode & Accessibility

  • Fixed an issue where text size in the main menu would not adjust after changing assist mode settings.
  • Fixed an issue causing the pause menu to lose functionality when using the ‘Skip Level’ option in throne rooms.
  • General improvements to level skip feature in pause menu.
  • General improvements to the level skip feature in online multiplayer games.
  • General improvements and fixes to the results screen after level skipping.
  • General improvements to the functionality of the accessibility options.

World Food Festival

  • Score requirements for 3 player and 4 player online sessions in level 3-2 in the World Food Festival Campaign have been altered.
  • Fixed an issue where the results screen would not display after finishing certain World Food Festivals levels.
  • Fixed issues with level skipping in the World Food Festival Campaign.
  • Fixed issues with the red ramp activation button next to level 3-2 in the World Food Festival Campaign.
  • Fixed an issue where ingredients used for the delivery box completion could be instead used as a dish.
  • General physics and collision improvements in the World Food Festival campaign.
  • General fixes to the delivery person mechanic in World Food Festival Campaign.
  • Updated the level preview images to better represent levels in the World Food Festival Campaign.
  • Cooked Onion will now show correctly when plated with a Sausage in level 2-2 of the World Food Festival Campaign.
  • Fixed an issue where debug text appears in World Food Festival Campaign save slots.
  • Fixed issues around players receiving incorrect scores of 0 on certain World Food Festival levels.
  • Fixed an issue with the box folding animation in the World Food Festival Campaign.
  • Fixed an issue with the Globe Chef being covered by a black square during the Overcooked! 1 Tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue when disconnecting a Joy-Con pair in handheld mode would cause a soft lock to the application.
  • Fixed issues with music and sound effects during the intro cut scene in the Overcooked! 1 Campaign.

Overcooked! All You Can Eat is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

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