Spells & Secrets is a 3D action-adventure game with puzzle mechanics and procedural elements that offer a magical sandbox for you to explore. With a wide range of unique spells, powerful artifacts and useful potions, there should be plenty of fun to be had in this upcoming title.

While there’s a Kickstarter running for Spells & Secrets right now, the game is already confirmed for Switch release sometime in 2023. If you want to pledge some cash to help fund the game, you can do so here.

To read more about Spells & Secrets in general, check out the list of bullet points below.

  • Use the numerous spells in creative ways against magical creatures or to solve puzzles.
  • Create your character from extensive options and unlock more possibilities
  • Play in 2 player local co-op mode; online via Steam Remote Play
  • Explore the ever-changing Academy of Greifenstein
  • Find powerful artifacts to improve your Spells and use useful potions in tricky situations
  • Save and help your classmates
  • Improve your character and spells permanently
  • Easy to learn for rogue-like newcomers
  • Nevertheless, creative approaches are rewarded right from the start.

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