Back in the day, making your way through grand video game adventures could be quite a challenge. The internet being a household mainstay wasn’t a thing, and official game guides were still hard to come by. If you wanted to get intricate details on your favorite game, you had to turn to the handful of magazines that bothered to cover the industry.

Case in point, the amazing hand-drawn Legend of Zelda map above. That beautiful work of art appeared in the June 1986 issue of Newtype. The creation, drawn by Takako Toshima, spanned 3 separate pages and gave you a fantastic overview of Link’s first adventure. Having this super-sized map at your side while wandering through The Legend of Zelda would have been an absolute godsend!

With this map being so gorgeous, it’s a real shame an official print hasn’t been released. I know I’d snatch one of those up in a heartbeat!

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