The winner of the Minecraft Live 2022 Mob Vote is making its debut in Minecraft 1.20! The sniffer is an ancient mob that was extinct… until now! Well, if you decide to help it thrive, that is. To bring the sniffer back to Minecraft, you will need to find its eggs and help them hatch, which you can try out for the first time in a Bedrock beta and preview and Java snapshot that will be coming soon!

When getting to know the final form of the sniffer, the first step is to ready yourself for an adventure. You’re going to have to set out into the Overworld and start searching. Sniffer eggs can be found in suspicious sand, which also contains other objects like pottery shards. Once you’ve unearthed your egg, it’s time to help it hatch! I implore you to pay close attention to this part of the process, because you have not lived until you have seen a snifflet burst out of its shell.

When your snifflet is born and you’ve stopped cooing over how cute it is, it will grow up into a sniffer. This mob is not only huge, but also helpful. Being a bit of a botanist, it will sniff out seeds that used to exist when they first roamed the Overworld! You can plant them to fill your game with the new unique decorative plants.

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