Long before Sonic Frontiers released, SEGA said that they had some high expectations for the game. That was in terms of both reviews and sales figures. Now, a few months removed from Sonic Frontiers’ release, it appears even SEGA underestimated the popularity of the title.

While the reviews came in a bit lower than SEGA expected, sales managed to head in the opposite direction. According to a fiscal report from SEGA, sales figures for Sonic Frontiers greatly exceeded their expectations. Last we heard, the game was already at 3+ million units sold, and it’s flying off shelves at a record pace.

Even though there are some hiccups and speedbumps, Sonic Frontiers has definitely cemented itself as a bold new path forward for Sonic. Let’s hope SEGA hones things even more for the blue blur’s follow-up!

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1+ y ago

Here's to SEGA that their sales fears for Frontiers steered from tears to cheers after last year's sneers and jeers.