Metroid Prime Remastered was released digitally last week, right after the Nintendo Direct ended. As detailed during the event, the physical version of the game would come out on February 22nd.

The pre orders for the physical version of the game have opened now through the Nintendo store so if you were expecting to get a copy of the game via them, this is your chance to get it.

Here’s a direct link for the Nintendo Store and for GameStop.


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1+ y ago

I want the physical edition, but I was planning to wait for a sale. Are these expected to be in limited quantity or something?


1+ y ago


Well, we can't know for sure but at least I don't think anything along these lines was formally announced.


1+ y ago

I can't believe how Nintendo, in true gamecube days fashion, is releasing the EU version about 10 days later. I mean simultaneous releases are so 2023 it wouldn't fit. So kudos to them for being so old-school to respect the gamecubeness of this release.

No really I'm just sad I have to wait.