Grim Guardians: Demon Purge is the latest game by Inti Creates, which is coming on February 23rd of this year. While the game was announced in August of last year, Inti Creates has been sharing quite a few updates and overviews on many aspects and characters of the game. This time, we learned about four new characters and some details about the switching mechanic. Check out the full details of each character below (via Perfectly-Nintendo)

Uraraka Nishibina, who is voiced by Anzu Haruno in the Japanese version, is a shy girl with a severe lack of self-esteem. She may not be a genius, but she’s a veritable jack of all trades who can do almost anything. Be careful when praising her, though: do it the wrong way, and she’ll get mad at you! Truth be told, it can be rather had to deal with her unless you’ve obtained the “Uraraka Grade Pre-2nd Class Certification”.

Rize Kurusubara, who is voiced by Mizue Tsunashima in the Japanese version, is the youngest of twin sisters that reincarnated from another world. She lives at her own pace. She quickly adapted to her new life in the human world, and in fact, she’s become quite fond of human entertainment. She entrusts everything to her older sister. In her home world, she was a deadly assassin who could manipulate ice at will.

Kazami Saijou is an energetic and rather noisy mood-maker, albeit a bit fickle. She belongs to the mysterious Curry Lovers Club, but recently, she began cooking tikka masala in the club room, which outraged her fellow club members.

Megumi Tendou, who is voiced by Kurea Fujie in the Japanese version is a pro wrestling fan. She’s usually fairly quiet, but her personality changes completely whenever pro wrestling is involved. When she gets angry, she activates “Wrestler Mode”, and displays sharp, precise movements that nobody would ever expect from her.

You can switch between the two playable characters (each with their own abilities) at any time. That way, you can cover for each character’s weaknesses, allowing you to reach the deepest parts of the Demon’s Castle. For example, Maya can use her sword to smash down an enemy guarding against Shinobu’s bullets. It’s important for you to correct identify the strengths and weakness of each character!

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