In anticipation of the upcoming Fresh Season in Splatoon 3, the Official Splatoon Twitter account has been posting about new features players can expect.

Today, the Twitter account has revealed a new special weapon called the Super Chump. A weapon that launches decoy bombs that look like Super Jump points to trick nasty campers. A very creative idea that takes what people have become accustomed to doing in Splatoon (Camping enemy Super Jump points) and messing with them.

The above Twitter thread also details two new weapons coming to the game…

Next the thread also shows off tons of new gear and locker items coming to the stores. While they post doesn’t go off into specifics they do share two images to get you the idea of what we will be getting.

Lastly the thread reveals that the shopkeepers of Splatoon will now hold a stock of nine items at once to help players on the hunt for a complete wardrobe.

We will keep you updated on information on Splatoon 3 updates as they become relevant.

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