QUByte Interactive and Robotizar Games have announced that their puzzle game “Midnight is Lost” will appear on Switch next week, February 23rd.

“Midnight is Lost” is a block-pushing style puzzle game with the twist that players must solve the puzzle backwards.

Below is an official overview for the game…

Midnight is Lost is a Sokoban game, but with a special characteristic: puzzles need to be solved backward, transforming simple challenges into complex ones!

Midnight is a witch’s animal helper, more precisely, a cat that has accidentally ended up on a mysterious island. Now he is lost in a weird world and needs your help to get back home. Before the adventure begins, there is one more thing you must know: Midnight is a smart guy, always careful and planning every step. Midnight gives you a unique and challenging experience. Get ready to burn your brain with this game!

Key Features

– 30 levels

– An exclusive and immersive soundtrack

– Secret minigames to find

[QUByte Interactive]

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