The length of the Super Mario Bros. Movie has been a question many have had for quite some time. In a world where major franchise movies seem to be getting longer and longer many wondered how lengthy Mario’s latest movie would be, especially considering how stuffed with references it seems to be.

It has been confirmed by the IFCO that the film will be 92 minutes or 1 hour and 32 minutes, which is the standard length for an animated film.

The IFCO is the Irish Film Classification Office, essentially Ireland’s ratings board in charge of deciding what ratings films get in the country, so their information is undoubtedly legit.

If the length of the film is concerning to you don’t worry, due to how lengthy and expensive animation production is, it is common for animated films to be around this length.

For reference both “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” and “Encanto” ran just a bit longer than this runtime at 1 hour 40 minutes and 1 hour 42 minutes respectively, and those we’re the biggest animated films of their respective years.

If you need even further convincing, the Mario Movie will clock in longer than the original Toy Story (1hr 17min), Lion King (1hr 27min), and Shrek (1hr 30min). So length shouldn’t be a concern.

Stay tuned for more news on the Mario Movie as it develops.


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1+ y ago

Good, tight runtime. Product of animation, but also helps when the subject matter might not have the most story to go with it


1y ago

I thought we knew that already but I think it was rumour. Looking forward to this movie.


1y ago


Looks like one of the rumors was 85 minutes.

In my mind that is a way bigger difference than seven minutes for some reason.


1y ago


Haha thanks. Probably 7 minutes of end credits :)


1y ago

I want to believe in this movie.
I was not super happy with Illumination being in charge of it since they never had a very good reputation in my mind and for some reason always appeared more as a B team wanna be Pixar/Dreamworks studio.
But then I saw Sing and its sequel and man, these two movies are really good. Voice acting is excellent, the animation is great, the plot is nothing crazy but it is fun and engaging, characters are very cool and pushing nice themes and ideas behind the childish look. There is definitely something for everyone there, not just for the minion loving hordes of kids, but also for teens, their parents and really anyone who likes a good, well-written animation movie. Sing gave me hope that Mario might be good and also the latest efforts from Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks were a little bit hit or miss so there might be something going on there.


1y ago

I would like it to be longer, but if this is without the credits then it's good enough.